Searching for more muscle definition? Use Nutrisystem!

Hey Everyone! I’m Jim and I just turned 35 last week. I’ve been working as a firefighter for over 9 years now, and a horrible accident 8 months ago had me doubting whether I would be able to ever work again. The strict bed rest required for the recovery process totally took my body out of shape.

Fitness is considered to be one of the main components to being a firefighter. Even before the accident, my continuous attempts at achieving the optimum physical fitness hadn’t been working out (possibly because I couldn’t resist the sight of Big Macs). I’d been striving to have that highly coveted ripped body, similar to the ones they boasted on the annual fire-fighter calendars, for years. Let you in on a little secret here – I was hoping to see myself one day in one of those calendars!  But all my hard-work pre-accident came crashing down when after tearing some of my tendons and bones of the pelvic area, I was forced to rest in my bed for weeks.

I’d gained 30 pounds- no thanks to my wife and mother who kept on feeding me non-stop, saying that I needed to eat generously if I wanted to get back in the field. After having recovered, I decided to head back to the gym to shred the excess weight that I’d gained. However, my workouts post-accident were restricted in lieu of the advice from my physiotherapist, who told me not to exert too much of pressure on my pelvic muscles as they had become more vulnerable to sprains and tears. Just when my dream of achieving optimal fitness started to seem more and more impossible, a friend of mine recommended Nutrisystem (You can get some motivation from her journey too).

I admit, even I was skeptical at first. But I decided to click on the link that my friend had shared, thinking that it wouldn’t hurt trying. I called up the operators and they were super kind and helped me settle in on a meal plan perfect for my lifestyle. They even told me about the deals, which would help me save up to $2 per day!

How Nutrisystem goes easy on your pockets

You see, my wife and I’ve been trying to have kids for a while now. Thus, we’ve been trying to save money as much as we can. I think that was what stopped me from making the switch from a Big Mac to a salad before. Fast food always seemed like such a cheaper alternative. But with the Nutrisystem discount codes, I felt like I could have the best of both worlds – healthy AND affordable food! I mean where else can you find a meal plan that offers you 6 meals for less than $10? Even normal fast food that average $2 per meal would cost around $12-$14 for 6 meals!

I think one of the best things that I like about the Nutrisystem meal plans is that it teaches you to portion your food throughout the day. Honestly, it was hard at first, but after a while I got used to it! I will tell you one thing though – you need to have strict discipline to stick to your meal plan and to achieve your fitness goal.  Unlike other diet plans that I’d read about, Nutrisystem meal plans offer you a dessert option too! So, if you have a sweet tooth like I do, don’t worry; by keeping your cravings in check, it really helps you stick to the plan. You can even use your coupon codes to buy the desserts!

Nutrisystem anywhere, everywhere

In my field of work, there are no fixed schedules. You don’t know when you’ll be dispatched for an emergency. It could be 4 in the morning or right in the middle of your lunch break. Several times my colleagues and I have had incomplete lunches because of our duties. This is where the Nutrisystem lunch bar really helped me. Since it is portable and filling, I could carry it in my pocket and eat it while going to an emergency site. Truth be told, I consume at least 18 lunch bars per week.

The Nutrisystem meal plan hasn’t only been convenient but also very effective to me. Not only did I lose the 30 pounds I’d gained during my recovery period in 3.5 months, I’ve also lost an extra 8 pounds since then! Ever since I started coupling Nutrisystem protein shakes with my workout, I’ve seen my muscles gaining more definition. Even my wife has started noticing the difference! I’ve been coaxing her to try the Nutrisystem meal plan for a while now, and I think the affordability factor is actually convincing her.

Being physically fit with Nutrisystem

Before being introduced to the Nutrisystem meal plan, it was mostly my wife reading the newspaper to check up on the news. Now, checking the newspaper for the Nutrisystem coupons has become a part of my daily routine! Only a week back, I was searching the newspaper when I came across an article about fire-fighters and obesity. Turns out more than 70% of the American fire-fighters are obese! Now with the physical demands of the job, some people may find this statistic absolutely bogus, but having been in the job for 9 years, I’d seen how easy it was for people to fall of their fitness track and how hard it was for them to get back on.

Some pros and cons might make it easier for you:



  • You can’t go out to eat as often
  • It can be difficult to resist your temptations
  • Have to eat all 6 meals every day for proper results

After Using Nutrisystem

Thanks to Nutrisystem, I am not a part of that statistic. I would definitely recommend my colleagues to try out the Nutrisystem meal plan. The ‘lose 5lbs + 1 inch off your waist in your first week or your money back’ guarantee could act as an incentive for the skeptics as well. Oh and did I mention? I’ve been nominated to pose for the upcoming year’s fire-fighter calendar.

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